Monday, January 11, 2010

Pain to joy

Last week I was plagued with a bad sinus infection and then at the end of the week I had a root canal. Sinus infections are no fun what so ever but root canals...they should be illegal!! Last night I cried while laying in bed...yes, I'm a big girl when it comes to pain but this is ridiculous! I'm ready to rip my teeth out!

Today as I was going through email I read a quote from Jesus as he was about to die on the cross asking God to take this pain from him only if it's His will, if not then Jesus was pleased to obey God...even if it hurts. That email went on to talk about following God not matter what and that whatever situation we're in, sickness, relationship, whatever it may be we can ask for it to be removed, but we are to also acknowledge God's will comes above our comfort. As I sat there reading those words I wondered what role my root canal/sinus infection pain could possibly play in God's kingdom; after all, last night through tears I reminded God that He is the Healer, He can take my pain away...I begged Him, but never did I say only if it's your will Lord.

I've been at work all day, in pain. But I'm working and as I sit here thinking about all of this I'm reminded that my life could so much more worse than what I'm experiencing. Maybe that's why God didn't fully take the pain show me just how lucky I am....there was man who walked this earth for 33 years and was willing to give his life for me. I've not experienced the loss of a spouse through death, or a child or parent for that matter. My bills are paid every month. We have a church that is truly our family. I am loved deeply. Even as I write these words my mouth hurts a little less. Yes, maybe that's it after all...following God is always amazing, even if it hurts!

I still think they should just rip out your tooth and call it a day!!

Till next time my friend....