Saturday, November 26, 2011


Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Ephesians 6:7.

I just got done cleaning the bathtub. We have well water and I don't always remember to add salt to the water softner so at times our water gets rusty. It doesn't take long before the bathtub has a lovely orange tint to it. While cleaning, this verse came to mind; interesting because while I was cleaning I was not feeling enthusiasm.

I think I would be described as a person that has enthusiasm. I'm certainly a passionate person, an expressive person so I think it's safe to say enthusiasm could also describe me. However, I don't do ALL THINGS with enthusiasm and I certainly don't clean with it. Honestly, the only time that word describes me is when I'm doing what I WANT to be doing, what I ENJOY doing. I doubt that's what Paul was talking about when he wrote that verse.

We all work, the job title is the only thing that separates us. We put our hours in and we all wonder at times if it's even worth it. We all lose sight of WHO we're working for. Even me and my whole career revolves around God.

As this year comes to a close and we start to think about a new year, we often start to think of new goals. I want to encourage us to view our "work" differently this next year...let's work (whether it's at home, at a job, or as a volunteer) with enthusiasm remembering we work for the Lord, not for people. Let's have enthusiasm even when no one stops to say "hey good job", let's have enthusiasm even when we feel unappreciated. Let's have enthusiasm in all we do because it'll make our lives a lot more enjoyable!

I'm off to do laundry...with enthusiasm...and the help of Pandora.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Show Praise

Praise. A word that's crossing my path lately. At first I thought "I do praise you God" but as the days have passed and more clarity has come I've come to a different conclusion.

Praise isn't always about saying "thank you God" or "you're so good God"; praise is about attitude and about actions too.

When I get upset with someone do I seek God, praising Him that I can come to Him for direction? When I worry about something do I seek God praising Him that I can find safety in Him? When I start to make a decision do I pause to praise God that He will give guide my steps? Lately, that answer is no.

Guilt is not of God. Nothing God brings to light is meant for us to feel guilty about; it's simply brought to light for us to acknowledge and then allow God to change. Guilt is not of God.

So, today, on the eve of Thanksgiving I encourage us all to pause and question how much praise are we giving God, how much praise are we showing God and how much praise are we receiving from God? Seek the Truth and then allow it to take root deep inside so true change occurs.

Let's be thankful for our God, for our families, for our lives more days than just tomorrow. Let's show our thanksgiving with the lives we live each and every day.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I really dislike asking for help...of any kind. I hate having to admit I can't do something, I don't understand something, I need something. And yet it seems to be right where God likes me...needing to ask.

When I said yes to Him and started Vulnerability Ministries I knew it would mean asking for things, including money. But honestly I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that very often, I was hoping I could just tell people what I do and they would feel "led" to donate. And that's happened, but God is also making it clear I'm to "ask and keep on asking". Ugh.

Things are definitely happening in VM. More lives are being touched, more people are starting to be honest with themselves and God, more doors are opening. And money is needed. Money. Ugh.

I want to be able to help people, do what I do best (tell my stories) and just have money appear. I want to be able to accept money without asking for money. I don't seem to be getting all that I want. So, apparently now the conversation goes like this "here's my story, are you willing to make a donation so I can tell others the same stories".

Ask. Keep on asking. Yes God I hear you.

Well friends, here's the deal. I'm starting to meet with more women who are seeking guidance, seeking a sounding board, seeking someone that's like them and I want to be able to provide that free of charge. I am also working on writing material (a book, small group studies, etc) and I'm seeking churches to speak at. So, I am taking a giant gulp, swallowing my pride, and I'm asking for donations....consistent monthly I can keep doing what God has called me to do and still pay my bills (bill collectors don't seem to have the same kind of faith I do).

If you want more specifics on the ministry, I'll gladly share (I really like that part). If you would like to invest in this ministry, thus investing in others, email me and I'll give you the information for that. And above all else please pray for VM and the lives we encounter.

There...I asked. Whew.