Thursday, January 9, 2014

Give credit where credit is due

The idea of this blog came to me this morning as I was getting ready for work. Several instances raced through my mind and I smiled and thought "yep, that's a great blog idea...I should text it to myself so I won't forget" and then I kept getting ready and didn't text it to myself. Time passed and guess what? I forgot the idea.

It was SO frustrating and honestly it's all I could think about, WHAT WAS THE IDEA????

I finally text my good friend, lamenting about this only to discover she has the same struggle...gets a good idea but doesn't have the time to write in that moment only to realize later the good idea has escaped, when she does have the time to write.

Suddenly it hit me! And then I laughed...because the blog idea was the problem I was facing! HA!

When I first became a Christian I wasn't really sure what the role of the Holy Spirit was, it was just part of the deal. Then, one day in counseling this conversation happened:

Me: I can't remember what I wanted to tell you today.
Dr: That's ok, we will trust it to be recalled.
About half way through the session I blurted out: I remember!...Whew I'm so glad I remembered!
Dr: You didn't remember, Carla. The Holy Spirit brought it to your mind. Give credit where credit is due.

John 15:5 "...apart from Me you can do nothing." NOTHING.

When I can't find my keys I ask for the Holy Spirit to help. When I have forgotten something I ask for the Holy Spirit to recall it for me. When I couldn't remember this blog idea I asked for the Holy Spirit to bring it to mind again. And then, when I do find the keys or remember what I'd forgotten I quickly say "thank you" because it's important to give credit where credit is due.

Monday, January 6, 2014

waiting on heaven

Throughout the Bible we come across verbiage that says our inheritance is waiting for us in heaven. I find such encouragement in this thought, but if I'm going to be honest, I often forget the concept and I get caught up in the "now".

Right now we're snowed in. Right now is the sixth day of a new year. Right now many of my dreams have yet to come true. Right now is pretty important to me; I'm willing to bet right now is pretty important to you as well. You have you're own history in the making, you're own things you're waiting on, you're on moment that matters. Right now matters.

So how do we, as Christians, balance right now with heaven?

How do we keep in front of us the beautiful gift that's waiting on us? The promise from the One who made us. How do remember in our every day lives that what we have waiting on us in heaven is worth waiting on?

I could say things like read your bible daily, pray daily, go to church weekly. Those things are all good, necessary even. But when I pause and ask that question to myself, to my own soul, those things just don't satisfy the depth of the question. How do I balance then and now? HOW do I wait on heaven?

I suppose it's doing this very thing. Pondering the notion. So, today, if you're like us and you're snowed in I encourage you to take the opportunity presented to you in the form of snow and ponder.

Here's to waiting on heaven...right now.