Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Time Out

I decided to take time off from the social world, mainly facebook and twitter, for several reasons the main one being I needed to get my heart right...I was spending way to much time analyzing what others were or weren't doing and not nearly enough time focused on what I can control--myself. I will fully admit I haven't been 100% off and have briefly checked on pages like my kids and close friends, but I have not at all scrolled through the "newsfeed." It's been rather refreshing I must say.

What's surprising to me is how many things have happened that I've thought "Ooo gotta share this on facebook" only to remember I'm no on facebook right now. It's also been interesting to me how I was using facebook as a way to zone out of life, if even for only brief moments here and there.

I've decided to write this blog post as my way of keeping track of this "time out" experience.

1. My youngest turned 11 and I took a really adorable picture that I wanted to post and say to the world "look how grown up she looks" but instead I sent it to my mom and said "look who's 11"
2. I went to a baby shower and during the event we were all asked to give a piece of advice which caused me to reflect the rest of the day on parenting advice I wish I'd been given--great book idea. But what I wanted to post on facebook was "Emily Bell, you simply glow which is a great indication of how God is going to work through you as the mother of that little boy."
3. "This girl got a new job!!! wooohooo!!! After many months of prayer and basically begging God, I have finally gotten a new job!"
4. I saw an awesome couple at the car show who posted on my page and I wanted to write back "It was such a joy seeing you and getting hugs!" instead I sent them a private message because I didn't want to ignore their post (or have others think I'm ignoring it which is a whole separate issue about not letting others affect what I do)
5. I have been watching Joyce Meyer in the am and have had several moments I wanted to quote her...many times it was with a particular person in mind which goes to why I got off fb in the first place, my motives weren't pure.
6. It's driving me nuts to not see all that's going on. Seriously. I'm nosey and I want to know. Tom trys to help by saying "you're not missing much" or will tell me about something he knows I haven't seen. But then it hit me that we don't share the same friends so I COULD be missing something!
7. I thought I would be an awesome fun mom and make a fun dinner for E for her birthday, the birthday cake pancakes. FLOP. Not awesome at all.
8. I put my key in the wrong car, seriously. In my defense it was a silver Malibu. In more of my defense MY silver Malibu was parked right next to it. The owner of the wrong car did not find my honest mistake very funny. I however laughed out loud.And now you can too! You're welcome.
9.Took the kids to the zoo for E's birthday. It's killing me that I can't put this really cute picture of us on as my profile picture.
10.I really want to post about how much I am loving my new job!

Time out is over and I'm now back on social media. What I learned...I'm way to social to not be social.