Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I read an article today about an anti-war protest that took place Monday in front of the White House. At the end of the article they considered “62 arrests and 23 others forcibly removed a success”…really? This is suppose to be a protest about the war in Afghanistan and that Americans think it’s time to call it quits and bring our troops home…by getting arrested? Ok, lets think this through….we’re going to teach our youth that in order to stop violence we create it. Oh I know they say they didn’t create violence, they merely chained themselves to the fence of the White House which is what led them to being arrested, but that’s called passive aggressive and last time I checked aggression wasn’t the opposite of violence…same demon, different mask.

I wonder what the troops in Afghanistan would say to those who got arrested on Monday and are trying to start the antiwar movement again. I wonder if they would pat them on the back and say thanks for your support, you’re really making us feel good or would they say regardless if you agree with the war or not we’re still over here fighting and being killed all because no human should have to live without freedom and freedom comes at a price…you my fellow American are not free because someone said war is wrong and chained themselves to a fence, you are free because someone fought for it and continues to fight for it. You are free because freedom is not free.

But we tend to forget that don’t we? We walk around this country free from gun fire, free from bombings, free from our women being raped daily by those in power, free from our children being suppressed…we walk around a country that the rest of the world is begging to be apart of. All because someone fought for it, demanded it, and continues to uphold it. I hear some saying, well it’s all heading to change and it won’t be that way for long….so the answer is to chain ourselves to the White House fence and then be put in jail for the tax payers to pay off your decisions? Since when is jail for those to make a political stance? I thought jail was for those that committed crimes and are a danger to society. Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe, just maybe, instead of chaining yourself to a fence or whatever else form of protest is out there we should all stop and educate ourselves on exactly what is going on over there, why we are over there, and only THEN should we be allowed to voice our thoughts on the matter. Opinions are weapons and it’s time we recognize that. Words and actions go hand in hand people! Stop spitting out your opinion based on what your favorite news station reported, or what your neighbor said they heard, or what you THINK is going on. Stop it. Stop teaching our kids it’s ok to act like complete idiots…because that’s what we’re doing when we protest based on opinions.

Intelligent conversations get you much further than any protest every will. And for crying out loud stop thinking it’s a success to land your butt in jail when our kids are over there dying for another’s freedom!

Till next time....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

His voice...His opinion

It is hard to know God's voice if we don't take the time to listen for it. A baby is in the womb for nine months, hearing the mothers voice for nine solid months. They say there is a special bond between a mother and her child, I believe that bond comes being connected for nine months to no one else but mother and child. We are created in God's image, that means we at some point in time were connected WITH God...even if you don't believe in God today, you were still connected to Him and I KNOW in your quiet moments you have a longing to feel him/hear Him.

Seeking advice is always good, who you seek advice from is what separates good from wise. But taking it one step further...learning to quiet yourself enough to hear His advice is true wisdom. I have been searching for some answers about my next step, in several different areas, and have been asking those in my life for their opinions and then one night I lay in bed and asked God what I'm to do when it suddenly became clear to me...why do I ask Him LAST? I start down the path because I feel God's nudging and then I suddenly start to this really what God wants me to do or is what I want to then I begin asking others for their opinion and before long I was very confused. Everyone gives their opinion out of love but also out of fears that drive their own life...maybe they have regrets and don't want you to experience them, maybe they have wounds and fear you'll be wounded, maybe they don't believe you can do it, maybe they don't believe God called you to do it...whatever it is it's based on fear and once again I found myself coming back to the Truth...fear is not of God.

In all honesty I seek others opinions mostly because I worry about what they think of me, of my parenting, of my I living up to the calling? So just as their advice is based on fear, my asking is equally based on fear.

So, once again I'm back to the beginning....listening to God's voice because He is my creator, He is the One I will follow...even if it doesn't make sense. How I listen to God's voice I will share with you in another post at another time....

Till next time...