Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ice Cream Brings Peace. Day 1.

Peace. It’s the focus, once again, for the next 25 days. When I was asked to be part of this writing/storytelling experience again this year, I agreed without hesitation. I agreed because I like the idea of writing about peace, I like the idea of being in a group that’s writing about peace, I like the idea of creatively bringing peace into the world in my own little way. Peace. It’s what’s for…dinner?

Sometimes, occasionally, frequently my daughter and I have ice cream for dinner. Yes, I know, it’s a horrible thing to have for dinner! It’s also an AMAZING thing to have for dinner :)

I’ve raised two children. My third and final child is no longer a child, but rather a 14 year old young lady. I’ve experienced many battles in the parenting realm over the last 21 years; unfortunately it takes me more than one trip around the mountain to figure things out. One lesson I finally learned—ice cream makes your heart feel better, and sometimes that’s all you can do—just eat ice cream. 

Two years ago my youngest and I experienced a deep, crushing, heart break. We both felt it and we both wondered if we’d ever not feel it again. Hurt has a way of making you believe you’ll never feel anything but hurt. Hurt has a way of making everything worse. One night in particular E and I were sitting in silence on the couch when I blurted out, “We need ice cream for dinner!” And so it began. 

I’m grateful to say two years later our hurt has left, laughter has returned, and love has overcome us. Two years later we see clearly how God has healed, God has led, and God has provided. Two years later ice cream is no longer just for wounds, it’s now become “our thing.” Hey, when you have two women in the house, well, you need ice cream sometimes! You need ice cream for dinner often. Ice cream brings peace.

I know I’ll always be a mom. I also know the role as mom changes as the children grow up. I don’t like to live in the land of regrets, but I do wish I’d done ice cream for dinner when it was the four of us. I think there were times when we needed that kind of peace in our house.  

As you move into Christmas time, and get busy with all the places to go and people to see and things to buy, I encourage you to have ice cream for dinner, and not feel guilty about it. We all need a little more peace in our lives; and I can tell you, ice cream for dinner = peace! 

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